Code of Conduct

  1. Treat all participants with dignity and respect in accordance with the principle of Manācihitowin: a Cree/Michif phrase that translates to ‘let us respect each other’.

  2. Participate with academic integrity in accordance with the University of Saskatchewan’s Guidelines for Academic Conduct.

  3. Provide your true professional identity, affiliation, and, where appropriate, contact information, at registration, and during attendance and conference sessions, as required.

  4. GWF encourages vigorous scientific debate. To this end, demonstrate respect for others by practicing active listening skills (e.g., keeping microphones muted while others speak, asking questions, engaging in an open dialogue of ideas).

  5. Respect the rules and policies of the meeting hosts including the digital platform providers.

  6. There will be no tolerance for any behavior that is considered by a participant to be harassment, bullying, threatening, violent, or aggressive.

  7. Should anyone engage in conduct that constitutes harassment, bullying, threatening, violence, or aggression they will be immediately removed from the event.

  8. If you need to report a violation of this code of conduct please email This account will be monitored throughout the event.

  9. Practice accountability by working together to identify problems and adjust practices to create a welcoming environment for everyone.